Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Go there}: Blind Bear Speakeasy.

Two weeks ago Jake had cause to celebrate. He was done with his final exam of his 2nd year of medical school. To end the year in style, he ate lunch out downtown with his friends and then hung out at one of their parents' restaurants downtown (Bangkok Alley). So around dinner time I met up with Chandler and we were deciding what to do for dinner so we could tell Jake to meet us. We had heard about a new place on Main, the Blind Bear, and being so hip, we decided to check it out ourselves.

Walking in, it had been pretty windy and we were relieved that there was a little "primping room" before you go to the bar itself. This is so nice, we thought. Girls can straighten themselves up before meeting friends and beaus. Even a big mirror to check your hair out! ..... Word to the wise. Got to the other side. That mirror? A one way mirror - everyone could see us touch up our hair! Luckily at 5pm the place wasn't very crowded but I imagine on a big bar night that trick gets people. Guess that is the speakeasy way.

The place is pretty dimly lit and has plush seating - couches, poker tables for dining tables, big chairs. There are apparently some secret rooms to hang out in but I didn't go exploring enough to find them. Maybe next time.

 But on to the food. We ordered friend mushrooms and "bear balls" (mozzarella balls) while we waited for the guys. I don't like mushrooms but Chandler reported that they were very good. I imagine if you like mushrooms, you'd like these a lot. There was a spicy dipping sauce for them that complemented them well. I did have the bear balls and I have to commend Blind Bear. I do love a good mozzarella ball. Anyone can do the cheese stick. Balls are more original. Easier to consume. More stylish. Way to go. And they were delicious as well.

After looking at the menu we both decided to go with veggie plates (the guys had joined us but both had eaten too much on their tour of downtown establishments in their afternoon of celebration and were just around for the beer). One thing about Blind Bear is that they have 3 different kinds of mac and cheese on the menu. We thought this was interesting and so I challenged Chandler to have a mac and cheese off. Not one to ever turn down a challenge, she obliged. They had a white mac, a cheddar, and a pepper jack. She also got a salad. You know, just for good measure.

I got the pepper jack mac, green beans, a salad, and potato wedges. I'd say consensus definitely was pepper jack mac wins all the way. It was obscenely delicious. Salad was good. Potato wedges were ok (thin, crisp, just needed a bit more seasoning). Green beans were bland. But I do trust that the kitchen will work out the kinks on the things like those green beans because the other food was great. And the price can't be beat. I think our veggie tray was like $6 and the burgers were $8. Good prices.

Blind Bear plays up the speakeasy theme and it appears that they put a password out on their twitter but I can't figure out if that is a regular thing or special thing because it is only sometimes and we didn't need a password to get in. At any rate, the place was fun, the service was great, the location is prime, and that pepper jack mac is a must. Go check it out. 119 South Main, next to Center for Southern Folklore.

In mac and cheese,
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