Saturday, April 16, 2011

Exterior: More Progress.

When last we spoke about the exterior, here's what we were left with - a mess:

We ripped out the boxwoods and were pondering what would take their place. Well, one trip to Mississippi and a morning of dirt and hard work later, here's where we stand:
On Friday afternoon, my mom and I drove down to Dabney's Nursery on Hacks Cross at State Line Road - it was amazing. Huge, cheap, and so much to choose from! I was in search of azaleas and this is what I saw:

After consulting with the Dabney's Nursery man, I decided on pink Gumpo Azaleas for the right side (needing something short, about 1-2 ft) and hot pink Hino Azaleas for the left (needing something 2-3 ft). While these guys are short now, they will grow to lovely (I hope), mighty pretty bushes. 

My haul:
For 10 azaleas, I paid about $35 - much less than I was expecting. All in all, it was worth the drive. This morning Jake planted these babies and now our house looks a little less bare:

(Note: It is hard to capture these freakin' bushes because of a perpetual shadow in the area that I have yet to discover a time is not there)

If you squint, you can see the bushes on the ground (and my little wire bunny decor making an appearance even though it is Lent still). 

In making progress towards a more acceptable exterior,
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lauren @ gathering moss said...

awesome! removal of boxwoods and replacement with white azaleas is on the stone house to-do list this season as well. thanks for the great tips on craigslist and the nursery! free removal and $35 replacements can't be beat!


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