Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exterior: Porch Plans.

Now that our bushes are replaced, I have been thinking about phase 2 of exterior renovation - replacing our wrought iron with wooden posts. I once likened our wrought iron of our house to braces on a teenage girl. I truly despise our wrought iron. When I drive up to our house, while I love our house and am grateful for it, I cringe upon seeing the wrought iron. Yes. That extreme. 

So, to remind you, here's our casa currently:
Seeing as our house was built in 1947, the wrought iron fits it. But, seeing as our neighborhood is more of a 1920's neighborhood, the wrought iron sticks out. 

But I have plans. I have been craving white wooden posts (I learned from my architecture-student brother that they are NOT columns, as I had called them - he was very offended) and have done some research as to what I would like. 

After trolling google image search, I created a little idea board to collect all my inspiration:
I want square posts, not too thin or chunky, and I want a larger square at the bottom and top (like the bottom right picture) to create interest. I really like the posts best in the small picture of the house in the top middle right but it is a really small file and gets pixelated - not helpful. 

What I'm trying to decide is whether to do white railing (like the majority of the pictures) or a black metal railing like the top right picture. Thoughts?

In increasing curb appeal and decreasing gag-inducing looks,
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Allison said...

ok it obviously depends on what feel you are going for but i vote no railing. i love open porches and you can do plants on the floor to create a bit more privacy or frame the porch more. and it is cheaper... but if you want a closed in porch, i vote white railings :) anything would be cute i'm sure!

Davis, Miles said...


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