Monday, April 4, 2011

Go there: Flying Saucer

We love "the Saucer" round these parts. Flying Saucer is a chain bar but it doesn't feel that way. There are 14 locations (here's their website) and they have an extensive beer selection for my obscure-beer-loving hubby. Jake just finished his M-1 year and had spring break so we decided it was time to celebrate a bit. With a little extra cash from a refund check we finally received, we headed downtown with some friends:
Turns out we were just in time for Trivia Night so we signed up under team "Congrats Jake." Every time they announced score updates, Jake got a shout-out, thanks to Chan's great idea. 

Jake and I happened to have a love for the Saucer's pretzels. With rotel. Yum. So, of course, we ordered some of those:
 We chatted with friends, answered some trivia (Andrew and Chandler were particularly good... especially when it came to some questions about mythical creatures?), and ended up winning 3rd place! So Jake got a $10 gift certificate that I'm sure will come in handy. 

All in all, the Saucer is a great place to go with friends. I love the chill environment, the fact that it is a bar but you can still actually sit and chat with friends (and hear them, unlike other places), and that their food is DELISH. 

You wanna go there,
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