Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The one where I admit East Memphis has something I like.

We all know I'm a Midtown gal through and through. Occasionally I do venture to East Memphis, though, and grocery trips are one of those times. See, Midtown just gets the shaft when it comes to grocery choices. Schnuck's on Union is small, crowded, usually picked over, overpriced, and has a parking lot that is panic attack inducing (like the time I had owned my car for less than two months and a woman ran into the front of it....). Kroger on Poplar and Cleveland leaves a lot to be desired, Piggly Wiggly is now Cash Saver and so as you can imagine, not too much high-end type things going on there, and there's no way I'm shelling out for Miss Cordelia's on the Island. 

So East Memphis groceries it is! I plan my trips well so we don't have to go often but when we do, we try to go out to the Kroger on Mendenhall because it is NICE. So off we went to Kroger. 

Well this was our first trip after their big renovation was completed and I just had to share something - Jake was in heaven:
 Way to go, Kroger. We've seen this at World Market and Fresh Market but never at plain ole' Kroger until now. Jake created himself a six-pack of obscure beer and was a happy guy. 

A win for East Memphis (now can Overton Square get a grocery store that is decent?!),

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Hilary Dow Ward said...

it was in the dark, but the other night I drove past overton square and there was a big sign that said coming soon in 2012 on that big building at the intersection of madison and cooper. So perhaps it will be a grocery. I'm totally with you that midtown isn't the best grocery selection. the schnucks stores in the rest of the city are so beautiful and BIG.


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