Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art Watch.

There's a guy that blogs about urban art around Memphis called the Weeden Arts Watch. He works for the Urban Arts Commission and it is always cool to see what kind of art is going up around Memphis. 

So, in the spirit of things, I bring you my own arts watch. This one focuses on art going up around my house. 

First up - I finally got these four panels put up in the kitchen. I got them from etsy from Erin's Modern Art. I love them and how they incorporate the colors of my kitchen:
Next I have two wooden painted floral pieces I got super on sale at Pottery Barn Kids. I put them up in the front hallway:

I love that they incorporate the color of the hallway with the colors that I am going to use in the guest room (when I get to that). 

Lastly, I took the art piece that was in that spot and spruced it up a bit:
I got it at Cooper Young Fest last year and love it - but I didn't love the frame. The whitewashed look just didn't pop with my walls so I took some craft paint and painted the frame black. It looks much more to my liking now. Just gotta find a place to put it! My walls are very full these days. 

I love collecting unique art pieces here and there, building a collection a bit at a time. I may have reached my max on art for a while, as my walls are very full. This may be a good thing for my wallet!!

In art and all things cultured,

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