Saturday, April 30, 2011

House Tour: Den Update v2

A while back, when we first moved in, our den had wood paneling. It was 70s fabulous:

We painted it Koi Pond green by Sherwin Williams. It was quite the endeavor. Once finished, we were so pleased and posted it on our house tour.  
 Then, I learned a few things. 1) take pictures of your house in the day so it doesn't look as depressing. 2) those pillows were ugly, and 3) the place needed some re-arranging. So, after a fun Pier-One pillow trip with HIlly, I ended up with:

I blogged about the transformation, and was so pleased to bring in a (free) bench from the garage, left by previous owners, swapped the shelf from the den and office (the open shelves above), and put in place my new pillows. 

Well, obviously I couldn't let it set untouched for another year so when we renovated the kitchen, I made some changes to the den as well. First of all - the wall. If you look above, the wall that has the couch on it (with the pumpkin painting), that wall came down. In its place went a media center:
If you reference the photo above with the one directly above it, its the same angle - the wall is just gone now. When putting in our cabinets, our contractor built in a media center to the back of the kitchen cabinets. With a small den, this was a great space saver and built-ins are always favorable for resale purposes, I think.

In this pic you can also see our new chair, a TJ Maxx steal, blogged about here. We also got two of our prints from our session with Amy Dale printed on Canvas during a Living Social special. 

Another change is our sectional, purchased with CraigsList money, Manny:
Having a sectional has been quite wonderful. I recommend it. Even with our small den, this one fits quite well. 

So, as it stands now, our den that started like this:
from the same angle now looks like this:
And yet, alas, we are not done. That gross carpet? That paneling? That ceiling fan? That narrow door way? Those windows? I have plans for them all. The view from here should be quite different in a few months:
I have plans.

In never being done,
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Comeca Jones said...

Love the way things are shaping up ! I found your blog love it I am now a follower please stop by and visit me and Id love it if you follow!BTW I realize you want new porch post but i rather like it the way it is:/ Maybe my age is starting to show lol I will be back!


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