Monday, May 2, 2011

Kitchen Renovation: Source List

After our big kitchen reveal here, I wanted to share our source list in case anyone was interested in where we got what we used. I've linked this back to our original reveal posting as well.

- Paint: Crushed Rock, a United color, matched at Sherwin Williams

- Cabinets: Heritage Cabinets in Madison White, purchased at Surplus Warehouse in Olive Branch 

- Cabinet hardware: Target

- Appliances: US Appliance (online company)

- Counter & Sink: Formica's In Depth Solid Surface line, Lowe's

- Backsplash: plain subway tile from Home Depot with dark grey grout

- Faucet:

- Schoolhouse Pendant:

- Track lights: Barometer by IKEA 

- Spice Wall Rack and Spice Jars: IKEA

- Black bars: IKEA

- Flooring: Armstrong's Vinyl Composite (sometimes called Marmoleum or Linoleum) from Kiser Flooring in Memphis

- Four Trees Painting: erinsmodernart shop on etsy

Anything else you have a question about, just comment below!! Thanks!
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Jennifer said...

Thank you for this! We want to remove our soffit too but were scared that it would look weird. Your example encourages us that it will be modern and beautiful!

We love that you're maintaining your midcentury charm with the checkerboard flooring. What a great idea! How do yours work? Are they the peel & stick tiles?

Thanks again! Looks great!

Oh and just a note... after typing in the comment, blogger took me to another page where I had to retype my entire comment. It didn't copy what I had written on the previous page. Weird!

ZDub said...

You did a great job on your kitchen! The floor is gorgeous and I might copy it, yellow is my favorite color.

Kathryn said...

Thanks!! The yellow just makes me happy:)

Meg said...

What are the color names of the floor tiles? I know they're Armstrong tiles, but I'd like to know specifics if you're willing to share. Thanks and the kitchen looks great!

Kathryn said...

Meg - Totally willing to share! Just don't remember:) I think we put the spares up in the pantry so I'll try to look and find out.

Meg said...

Awesome! My guesses for the yellow are Golden, Soleil Yellow, or Lemon Yellow (based on the Armstrong website). Maybe one of those rings a bell?

Kathryn said...

OK Meg, from what I can figure, it is Yellow Straw:

Our store had a box with little samples and there were a ton more colors than just the few on that website but I think that was the name. I realized I threw the boxes away after the reno and the tiles we have leftover are just stacked in the pantry.

Meg said...

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

Plott Family said...

Great kitchen! Where is the hood from? Thanks!

Kathryn said...

Plott Family - thanks!! The hood is from overstock. They still have it here:

Plott Family said...

Thank you!! My husband is also wondering the brand of stove? We love the look of the hood above the range, when the range has no back to it. Thanks!

Kathryn said...

It is a Frigidaire Professional series slide in - we actually wanted one without the back to it and so we got this and our contractor just built a side for it for the part that is exposed. If you had a cabinet on either side, it wouldn't even be an issue. We got it from US Appliance and got a great deal. Here it is:

Plott Family said...

Great- thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks amazing! I am wondering about your microwave shelf-purchase or DIY? Thanks for any advice! Shelly

Kathryn said...

Shelley - the microwave shelf was a DIY by our contractor. He took a thick cut of wood and sprayed it with the same paint as our end bookcase cabinet/tv cabinet to match the kitchen cabinets we bought. Then he welded together the brackets to mimic a style of bracket I had seen in an IKEA shelf. We wanted a full sized microwave and so the shelf had to support that weight and this was the solution!

sarah said...

Hey All,
Did anyone ever figure out the color of the Armstrong VCTs? It's so hard to determine color based on a computer screen. Floor looks great. Wonderful job on the kitchen, very inspiring!

Kathryn said...

Sarah - our store had a box of different samples that you could take home and try out, they were little squares. Your store may have something similar. The particular one we used was straw yellow (I think). If you go into a flooring store, ask about the different samples because they looked different in the catalog they had (and you're right - trying to figure it out on the web is hard too, our floor reads really bright yellow sometimes in pictures when it really is a beeswax/straw color).


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