Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's the little things.

Little brothers are so great. My little brother was especially great this past weekend because he came over and did a lot of little projects for me around the house. Of course, the fact that my mom bribed him with some cash since he is broke didn't hurt!

So my little brother came over to do little projects. And these little projects are making big impacts because it is the little things sometimes. For example:

Our whole house was clad in wrought iron bars on the windows when we bought it. The granny that lived here before us was pretty serious about security (she even had a huge baseball stadium style single light put in the backyard) and while we are definitely aware that we live in an urban area, bars aren't exactly our thing. Here's a picture of the ones in the living room from right when we first moved in and decorated:

It's funny, because it really is the little things and this is shown in the transformation of this room. This picture was taken in January of 2010. A year and a half later, we've done little things here and there - taken out the carpet, adding recessed lighting, moving the couch in here, getting new pillows, changing out the lamp, and now taking out the bars. And yet these little things add up:

So glad to have those fugly bars gone! And of course now that I look at the picture, I need to move the floor lamp back over to next to the couch. It is always some little thing, huh?!
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