Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back Hall Update.

Back in January, I was all pleased with myself because I finally put up our engagement shots and an art-type greeting card from the Sewanee bookstore:
Well, once we painted the back hallway light blue, you can imagine that the Billy Moore piece we got from Trolley Stop didn't quite go. The Delta Folk Art piece now is right by the back door (which works well) but that left a hole for me to fill.

I mentioned here that I have a love for Wordles. I decided to make one and put it in the spot - free art! I got a frame that sort of matches the others from Target:
Issue solved. Now to replace the tacky old light switch with a new, white one (who thought cream was a good idea?) and paint the bathroom to match the hall. 

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Comeca Jones said...

I like it! I did a wall gallery not long ago for a linky party at Inspired Home you should take a look.


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