Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kitchen Renovation: Step By Step (ooh baby).

New Kids on the Block reference? Anyone?

Ok - a step by step look at the kitchen, through pictures.

Our kitchen on a normal day, circa 1.5 yrs ago - 

 Packing it up prior to demo -

 Cabinets are out! Wall is out!

Paneling out! Walls out!

Electrical in! Wall and header taken up and back! New window!
Ceiling and wallboard in!

 Drywall in!

Drywall primed. Upper cabinets in!

Lower cabinets in! Subway tile started!

Subway tile done! Base of the floor put in! Testing paint colors (yellow? blue?)

Fake/Temporary counters in! Lights in! Paint color picked (on header).

Kitchen painted!

Floor installed! Chalkboard pantry door painted!

Counters in! Fridge in! Accessories in! DONE!

You know, it is funny - everyone talks about how hard a kitchen renovation is...and this one took about 3 months start to finish. But it wasn't that hard. In fact, it was fun. It was so fun to come home and see what they had done. I didn't really miss the kitchen all that much, although my pocketbook and waistline missed real meals and cooking, and picking things out and designing this was so much fun. 

But I don't want to do it again for a while:)
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Sarah North said...

WOW!!! I love the floor!

jennifer l. said...

Thank you for this! We want to remove our soffit too but were scared that it would look weird. Your example encourages us that it will be modern and beautiful!

We love that you're maintaining your midcentury charm with the checkerboard flooring. What a great idea! How do yours work? Are they the peel & stick tiles?

Thanks again! Looks great!

BTW - having problems with my comment showing up? And when I submit a comment it takes me to a page where I have to reenter it?

Unknown said...

Jennifer - not sure about the comments. Blogger has been funky with me ever since I switched to the new design style. Love the look but hate the bugs. Might be going back to the old style. As for the tile, they are a vinyl composite tile most people call linoleum (they aren't actually linoleum but think like tiles used in hospitals and schools). They are mostly commercial. The brand is Armstrong and they come in tons of colors. They are really durable and thick. I love them!


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