Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Make this: Gringo Salad.

Last week, Jake and I were craving something a little fresher and decided to throw together our favorite salad we invented. It isn't fancy, it isn't original, but we love it and you may too:
I call it a Gringo Salad because when I try to describe it, I think of a Mexican salad but let's be honest - there isn't much "Mexican" about it. 

What goes in a Gringo Salad?
Lettuce (duh)
Black Beans (canned ones are great, drain them!)
Corn (canned, drained)
Chicken (Jake cuts it up, tosses it with chipotle seasoning, and cooks it in olive oil)
Fresh cilantro
chopped jalapenos
spicy ranch dressing (Hidden Valley Farms makes one)
mexi mix cheese

We toss it all together and go. Now, for this to be really "light", you can't put gobs of dressing on it. Remember that.... (because we didn't!!). 

Ridiculously easy (the salad, I mean),
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