Saturday, May 28, 2011

You must go to the LOFT.

So I'm not buying clothes right now. Something about spending an entire day putting clothes away in our guest room made me realize that I have far too many items of clothing. 

That being said.... oh my gosh - the stuff at the LOFT right now? I die. First of all, they are having a Memorial Day Sale that is just ridiculous. They are having a $25 and under sale and all their basic knits and shorts, cardigans, bags, sunglasses, accessories, etc are on sale. I got this cute top for $15 (well, less because I get %15 off being a teacher):

I was very good and refrained from buying the whole store, but I just had to share what I would have bought if I had an unlimited supply of dollars...

This Empire Waist Knit Dress - a must have for summer:

This Animal Polka Dot Sheath - can't you picture this at a fun summer party or wedding?

The Paris Plaid Madras Short - I absolutely love their shorts, they fit very well.

And this Striped Boyfriend Cardigan? Love. 

But alas, I cannot get any of these things. It is for the best - no place to put them. I can, however, daydream and browser window shop. And so I do. 

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Ellen said...

My favorite place to work AND shop! But I do NOT miss folding those rosette t-shirts.

Hilary Dow Ward said...

HA-we are so alike. I have that boyfriend cardigan! It's a great summer weight sweater. Well, Memphis (basically) year around sweater!


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