Monday, May 30, 2011


Well, its June and what that means for me is CAMP GAILOR-MAXON!! I'm headed off to camp for the month. I'll be blogging daily over at our camp blog and will try to share some pics of my adventures over here from time to time. 

I can't wait to be here:
(our art barn at camp and the trail from the cabins to the main buildings)

but I sure am going to miss being here:
with my guys. I think Beamer knows I'm leaving because all morning I've been going around the house gathering laundry and packing things and every step of the way he is about one foot from my feet, doing this:

Well, off to pack some more and make some CDs for the road. See you on the flip side!
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Hilary Dow Ward said...

OH goodness, is it already time for you to go. It seems like you were just ordering your new appliances and leaving last year. And now, you have a whole new kitchen, a year has gone by...and it's time for you to go again! Be safe, watch out for snakes!


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