Friday, April 1, 2011

Memphis Best Of... Part Two

(Just for a recap, here's part one)

Before we get started, I have to confess.... when writing Best of- One on a whim, I left off one of our favorite obscure sandwich shops: Fino's. I must re-write my obscure sandwich shop list to read:
1) Kwik Check
2) Chinese Sub Shop
3) Fino's

(no offense to my dad and his paninis)

And now... to Part Two:

Best Fancy Dinner (based on small amount of fancy eating I've done):
1) Interim
2) Restaurant Iris
3) Felicia Suzanne

Best Antique Malls:
1) Sheffields
2) BoJo's (RIP come May)
3) Antique Warehouse on Summer

Best Sunny Plot of Land to Chill on:
1) Overton Park
2) Harbor Town's River Park
3) Shelby Farms

Best Breakfast:
1) Bryant's 
2) Barksdale's
3) Arcade

Best Neighborhood/Low-Key Italian:
1) Lavaro's
2) Pete and Sam's
3) Dino's

In doing more "research" for this Best Of list...
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