Thursday, April 28, 2011

Get thee to Bojos.

I love antiquing. I love shopping. I love treasure hunting. BoJo's on Summer has (had?) all those things. I have fond memories of rummaging through that store when I was younger with my mom. I have, over the years, gotten quite a many thing from BoJos. And so when I heard they were shutting their doors on May 31st of this year, I was quite devastated. 

 Random table I thought was fun in Bojos this week.

So, of course, I had to pay my respects this past weekend. I dropped in for a walk-through, not really expecting to buy anything. But, of course, I did. Because that is how BoJos is. You find something you have to have. So I got these cute Pyrex dishes, which have already been put to use:

Bojos, we've had some good years. I will miss getting lost in your aisles of junk and treasure. I'll miss your giant bar for sale with a lifesize Dolly Parton cut out that has never sold, I'll miss your section of throwback toys like the Little People, I'll miss your birds...I'll miss those treasure hunts. Summer Avenue won't be the same. 
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