Saturday, April 2, 2011

Take a walk with me... again. (Part two)

Almost exactly this time last year, I was on Spring Break and the world was a'bloomin. I documented it while walking around the 'hood here:

Here we are, a year later. I took a walk this morning and was just in awe of the beauty of my city, of my neighborhood. So, do me a favor and take another walk with me. This time, from my house to my parents and back:

One thing I love about Midtown are our tree-lined boulevards. This particular one is Jackson. 
Once I got in their neighborhood, I spied these perfectly arranged tulips. 
Then I walked past this bridge over our creek - many wonderful memories of playing on those bridges as a kid. 
The Hein Park Neighborhood Association does such a great job of planting flowers/bushes along the public spaces. 
Next to the new street sign is the old street marker - what history!
On the way back around to our house, spent some time walking past Rhodes College - such a beautiful campus on such a beautiful day.
Finally home with a wonderful spring surprise - our hosta that I was sure I killed has sprouted once again. It must have forgiven me for that night left outside in the freezing temperatures this winter. 

In loving life in Midtown,
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mollie bailey said...

This makes me miss midtown! I love Memphis in spring.


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