Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Pet Post.

So I may be a little like a crazy pet lady, but since having my new iphone, I have taken crazy amounts of photos of my guys. I happen to think they are pretty durn cute and thought I'd share their antics:

Sebastian enjoying my new pillows - not exactly how I intended they be used:

Speaking of intended use, this is how Sebastian spends many an afternoon:

Tuesday night was spent with tornadoes and foul weather, so we ate dinner in the hallway with all the doors shut. Beamer practices very good restraint with the pizza right within his reach. What a good boy:

 While Beamer was eyeing the pizza lustfully, Tyson was seeking shelter of his own from the storm, in the form of his bed, which is also known as the sink. Yet, he still wanted to be able to see us, so this is how he decided to lounge:

We got Tyson because he was orange (priorities in life) and we have an orange futon in our office. This created some orange on orange action as Tyson napped on the futon:

Lastly, on Sunday I cooked mac and cheese and green beans for an Easter celebration. This guy was with me the whole time, watching carefully. My kitchen helper:

If loving your pets like children is wrong, I don't want to be right.
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