Thursday, May 31, 2012

{Travel}: Navarre Beach Vacation.

As I mentioned in my last post, as soon as I was done with school I hopped in a car and drove down to the "Redneck Rivera" with my parentals and one of my brothers (Ezra was off in Europe doing an architectural tour - the poor guy!).

My parents have friends with a condo in the Navarre Beach Regency and so we have rented a place there for the past two summers. I highly recommend Navarre. It is close enough to Destin to hit the outlets (oh and we did) but far enough away to not have traffic.

We had a great, relaxing time.. here are some pictures.

Here is my brother Jacob driving late on the way down there - we left after a work meeting I had so we didn't get out of town until 1pm:

This was our view from the condo of the beach looking to the right:

And here we are, on the beach the first day:

It isn't called the "Emerald Coast" for nothing:

Here was our condo view looking left - that is a pier for the Navarre Beach where you can walk all the way out and hang out or fish:

Here's my dad and brother proudly showing off their find of the week - Stella in a can! They had me send this picture to Ez in Europe and Jake, who was back at home being a doctor in training:

Here is a time when we actually had some waves (it was very calm for the most part):

Here is the front of the condo building:

And of course - an outlet stop:

Back on the beach - here's Jacob reading..

The water was so so clear while we were there. It was beautiful:

This is my favorite - a calm, beautiful beach picture:

Another shot of the pier:

One night we went out to dinner (usually my parents cook, they like doing fun recipes on vacation). We went to a sort of hole-in-the-wall local place called East Bay Crab House. It was pretty good!

This was our last day on the beach..

And saying goodbye to the beach....

Love family, love vacations, love family vacations. All in all, a wonderful time spent with the people I love in a place I love.

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