Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ten for Two Challenge: Round Three

Back again! Our next night of cheap eating brought us to a perennial favorite, pizza. This one was a bit of a cheat because we had most everything but hey - still cost us less than $10 for the meal. 

We had frozen Fresh Market pizza dough in the fridge from a few weeks ago, had left over cheese for the pizza from a meal a week or so prior, and had canned tomato sauce in the pantry. 

So, I bought:
- pepperonis (2.59 for the package - contemplated turkey pepperoni, maybe next time?)
- mushrooms for Jake's 1/2 ($.50 ish, based on weight and not many mushrooms)

For the sauce, I took a can of tomato sauce and our jarred minced garlic, plus Italian seasoning and combined it all in a bowl.

And a tip I read on the interwebs - Microwave the pepperonis in a paper towel for 15 seconds to de-grease them and make them crispy before putting on pizza to bake.

Here's to another budget meal - in saving our pennies,
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Hilary Dow Ward said...

I love it that you guys actually use your fancy kitchen. There are so many beautiful kitchens on blogs and you know that they use their coffee pot and the microwave only. You guys are awesome! Bon appetite.
P.S. I think you need to publish a cook book of these meals you're coming up with! You could sell them to teachers and med school families alone! There's a great market for it! $10 Meals in Memphis!


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