Sunday, October 2, 2011

Other views of the Living Room.

Our living room is long and you walk straight into it when you come in the house. I've shared many views of it but the typical one is this one from the blog files:
Basically if you turn to your left from where you're standing looking into the living room, you're in the dining room, behind you is the front hall, and to the right is the front door. I love how open the living room/dining room area is and it is nice that the kitchen is open to the den but not just out there for all to see - some people do open concept totally but I don't keep my kitchen clean enough for that. 

But there are two areas of the living room that are less photographed but are actually two of my favorite parts. 

First, the "entry way" :

 This door is to an incredibly deep coat closet that we use for coats and storage. The little table there and the larger one are both from my parents' collection of furniture. I painted that mirror green to match all the green in the living room (it was a cheap-o TJ Maxx mirror), and the frames came from IKEA. 

In the other corner is a built in shelf area that I use to house my collections of things. Recently, my friend Rachel gave me three blue Ball jars (which I had been coveting for some time and she wanted out of her house - thank you!!!) and so I reworked the shelf a bit to include them in the display:
 Also, I've got my two Mimi Dann bowls there, some wedding pictures, a few odds and ends, and a plate that was my grandmothers (Mom - do you know the story behind it??). 
 Aren't these jars fab?!

In loving what you got,
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Comeca Jones said...

I love the setup and I think the smaller lamp in the corner is very nice!


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