Sunday, November 13, 2011

Food Allergies.

So most people have winding blog posts about their child's food allergy. Me? My blog post is about my dog's food allergy. Yeah - we're those people. 

Harley is a precious puppy who is 6 months old. Ever since we got her at 2 months, she has been having issues with itching. We took her to the vet, who started her first on lyme-sulfer dips. Those helped at first but then stopped helping so we went back and she got special shampoo and several different prescription meds. We also have her on an organic food with no corn fillers and meat as the first ingredient. We've taken her off milk bone treats and give her meat treats now. 

And yet she's actually getting worse. So this weekend, we're doing an allergy trial to see if it is a wheat allergy like some of her puppy litter mate siblings...

And that is how we found ourselves cooking rice and chicken on a Friday night. For our dog. 

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Anonymous said...

Kathryn, I've had similar problems with my pug since he was young. I believe some of his allergies are food-based and some are environmental (trees, pollen, something). He grew up on Nutro dog food and I switched him last year to Natural Balance. They have a limited ingredient line of food which has made a world of difference. My pug, Corbin, gets sweet potato and salmon. I also recently learned from a family member who is a vet tech that a surprising number of dogs are allergic to chicken. And you'd be shocked to see how many foods and treats include chicken, chicken meal, or some other byproduct of it. Even treats labeled as liver or peanut butter flavored! This might or might not be the case with Harley, but something to be aware of. Hope that helps! I'd be happy to share the name of the treats I've found with no chicken if you're interested. Just message me on my blog or Twitter.


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