Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh Hey, John and Sherry!

So this morning my inbox started filling with comments on a post I wrote in May about the kitchen. I thought it odd (don't really get many comments around here) but didn't think much of it until one said "I found you on Young House Love." Ummmm WHAT?

Sure enough, I hopped over and my favorite bloggers featured my kitchen reno on their Reader Redesign. I had submitted it a while ago on a whim and they liked it!

Here's the link to their post:

And the screen shots I took of my kitchen gracing the illustrious Young House Love blog:

I've admired John and Sherry + Burger (and now Clara) for a while now - since I discovered blogs back in good ole' '08. I even got my mom hooked. We share a love for ranchers and home reno, though they definitely take it to an entirely different level. 

It really meant a lot to me for them to like my kitchen and so I was just  so excited to see it shared!!!

In obsessive blog reading and fake friendships,
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Kala said...

Hi Kathryn,
I too am a lover of and found your blog through John and Sherry's post about your kitchen. (Very nice by the way) I also love your pups and kitty. My husband had a basset hound named Homer while growing up, who is still living with my mother-in-Law. Homer is on his way to being the oldest recorded Basset. He will be 16 next year. I just started my blog. It is so new I haven't even posted anything yet. Well just wanted to drop in and say hi and let you know you've gained a new reader.

Unknown said...

Hi, Kala!! Thank you so much! I'm glad you came over. I'll definitely be checking out your blog:)

mollie bailey said...

That is awesome you were featured on Young House Love, love that blog (and yours too of course).


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