Saturday, November 12, 2011

Go there: Stuffy's Burgers.

We'd been hearing about this new, great burger place. Great Memphis bloggers like Dining with Monkeys raved about it, so I knew we needed to go. 

Stuffy's is in the U of M district but sort of tucked away on Echles and Douglass. It calls itself a "serious burger joint" and their burgers are cooked with the cheese stuffed inside. They also have a deal where they have these specialty mayos like Dill and Caper and Hot Wing and Bleu Cheese. 

The place is pretty dark and plain but it works for them. You walk to the counter to order and they bring the food to your table. 

 The fries were good (as opposed to some burger joints in town that use the same ole' Sysco steak fries) and the burger was great. It was very juicy and flavorful. Very different. 

 I'd say it is definitely worth a trip over to Highland and Park for a Stuffy burger. Check it out!

In bacon and fries,
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