Thursday, November 24, 2011


After a drive, a huge lunch with family, another drive, another dinner with family, and lots of laughter, we're back home tonight. As I sit here with my man next to me (me on facebook/google reader, him on xbox - it is all about indulgences of choice, right?), I just have to think about how thankful I am for what we have.

Thankful for a house that is safe, clean, cute, and happy:

Thankful that we finally unearthed the dining table from all of that clutter:

Thankful that we were able to renovate our kitchen and remain sane, all with the help of family, friends, and the government's money (holla at your homebuyer's tax credit!):

And most of all, thankful for the three dogs, one cat, and one guy that I share this place with:

Here's to one of only a few days a year when being cheesy and corny is truly accepted. Until next time, I'm thankful and content.

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