Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Saturday Gary's trip.

Gary's Antiques on Central and Cooper is one of my favorite ways to waste a little time. Gary's is very touch and go and sometimes resembles a junk yard, but I'm almost always prone to finding a treasure or two there.

This most recent trip was a shopping pick-me-up after a morning of working. Here's a peek at what I saw:

This mirror was $10 and very heavy - a good mirror and a good price for some bright, glossy spray paint. Definitely got it. Now to figure out where and what color?

Loved this painting but didn't get it... Now I'm wishing I had!

Really cool collection of green glass. I have too much of this kind of thing but I love the look.

This huge vintage jar was $10 as well and so I scored it for the kitchen.

Another art piece I didn't get but wanted badly. This particular one was more pricey at $55 but was a very nice piece.

So after wandering the aisles of Gary's (which was pretty crowded that day, by the way), I took home my two pieces of loot.

And here's my new jar, cleaned up and in the kitchen:

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Robyn said...

Call me next time - I want to go!

KellyH said...

We drove by Gary's a couple weeks ago while looking for urban outfitters. I'm going to have to go there. Urban outfitter's was a bummer because they didn't have any home decor stuff and that is the whole reason I went.

Unknown said...

Kelly - I haven't gone into Urban so it is good to know they don't have their home decor line. It would have been why I went too. I love Gary's, especially from the treasure hunt aspect. It isn't going to be somewhere you're going to find something every time but when you do it is so satisfying! I also love Summer Avenue Antique Warehouse - it is much larger and more finds but a little pricier too (but still less expensive than say Sheffields).

KellyH said...

We went to Summer Avenue warehouse a couple weeks ago. Saw a few things I wanted but no purchases.


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