Friday, November 11, 2011

Gearing up for the Holidays.

So the holidays are coming. And by the holidays, I mean the natural progression of the holidays - Thanksgiving, Advent, and finally Christmas. 

I've resisted getting in the "spirit" because of stress and being busy and being a grump, but today I pulled out my Thanksgiving decor I got at TJ last year - something about felt just does it to me. Puts me in a good mood. 

Side note - I hate the way my iphone makes the walls look circus yellow instead of beeswax/straw yellow. 

But I digress. I put up the "gobble gobble" garland and the banner. Helped me feel ready to delve into some turkey and pie. 

While at it, I snapped a pic of the living room in a rare calm moment. Dogs in sitting position deserve pictures:

Beamer and Sebastian seem to be getting into the holiday season too. Just don't let Harley know that they have Christmas decor up before Thanksgiving at Target. She'll get sassy:

In felt decor and dog stares,
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