Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wreath Tutorial.

I love being a little crafty - it really lifts up my spirits to see the fruits of my efforts in front of me. I fell in love with felt wreaths and figured I could try my hand at those. The first one was for baby Gwin and was a yarn wreath.

To make a yarn wreath, you buy a wreath form (the ones I got at the craft store were straw and I kept them in their plastic and wrapped the yarn over the plastic). I used an entire roll of yarn on this one wreath - I wrapped it twice but wrapped it very tightly. Some people recommend three wraps. You can see in this picture below what the process is and why you need two layers - there will be gaps.

So the process of wrapping your wreath itself isn't too difficult but I did have several people ask how to do the felt rosettes so I have a little tutorial below for that. I wanted to make a different kind of wreath this time, so I got a wooden grapevine wreath and green and cream felt.

You take the felt and cut it into a small square (smaller for a small rosette, bigger for a bigger one):

It helps to have sweet animals as helpers:

From the square, you cut the edges off the felt to make a circle and then begin cutting a spiral into the circle:

Once you are done cutting your spiral, leave the end a small circle - this will be your base for the rosette:

(this particular rosette wasn't very good - I didn't cut off the edges and so I had to trim that entire last piece)

Next, starting at the skinny end, start rolling the spiral up to form the rosette.

You'll want to have your hot glue gun heating up this whole time because now you are going to hot glue the base to the rosette (this holds the whole thing together):

You'll continue this process, making yourself a little stash of rosettes (it goes faster the better you get):

Once you've got a lot of the rosettes, you can start experimenting with positioning. In this situation, I tried one positioning and decided it was ugly and so I had to make about 8 more rosettes:

After a bit more crafting, I came up with my final product - well worth the $10 spent and hour of time:

Now go make your own felt wreath!!

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