Monday, February 8, 2010

An early morning gift!

Jake and I woke up at the same time this morning (which is rare since he is on school schedule of staying up late and waking up for class) because he was scheduled to have a med school interview this morning. While I was getting ready in the bathroom, drudging my way sleepily through my routine, Jake was getting up and making coffee. All of I sudden, I heard his voice: "um.... are you sure you're going to school this morning?". I had thought vaguely last night about the possibility of snow, a gut feeling, and had looked at only to be disappointed. Isn't it funny how it works out?

After finding out that my school was closed and Jake's interview was off, we hung around the house for a bit and then decided to go savor the snow. The guys were a bit thrown off, because Memphis rarely gets any snow, much less about 4 inches. In some places they couldn't even walk!
We had a nice walk around the neighborhood. I took some pictures along the way...
Now I'm spending my "found time" playing with ideas for the new kitchen. Let's just say I'm pretty excited. And should be spending my time in more productive ways!

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