Sunday, February 21, 2010

Make this: Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Recently, Jake and I made a batch of buffalo chicken by taking a whole bunch of Frank's Hot Sauce and a packet of ranch dressing mix and dumping them in the crock pot with a little water and vinegar and 4 chicken breasts. We made buffalo chicken sandwiches. It was lovely. 

Flash forward to now when we STILL have a tupperware bowl of shredded buffalo chicken in our fridge. We're getting creative about how we use up the rest - so, of course, we made buffalo chicken pizza. Bosco's added one recently to their menu and I love it. My hubs used it as inspiration and made one for us. 

I don't actually have any pictures of the process because right now our kitchen is so embarassingly messy that I can't even crop out the crap that is piled everywhere. BUT I'm pretty sure the steps are so easy that you could make do without a picture of every single thing we did. 

You need:
pizza dough (make your own or do the easy thing and buy Pillsbury's canned thin crust)
buffalo sauce (we used franks but I bet Buffalo Wild Wing's would be fab)
ranch or blue cheese dressing (or in our case, both)
cheese (whatever you have, mozz works, we used white american and mont. jack)
shredded buffalo chicken

1) fix your dough (in our case, pop your can and unroll it)
2) spread your base sauce - you need to decide which flavor you want more of. one time we did ranch as the base (on my side, Jake's had blue cheese) and one time we did buffalo. I liked the ranch base
3) place your toppings (cheese and chicken) on the pizza
4) drizzle your other sauce (for us, this was the hot sauce) over the pizza

Bake, then consume.

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