Thursday, February 11, 2010

iPhoto = my new love

Have I ever told you that we're a mac family? I've used mac computers since I first had enough motor skills to grasp a mouse. I grew up playing battleship on my dad's trusty mac, learned typing with Mavis Beacon and Mario, and penned my first great novels with the program Imagination Express. 

This morning I looked over and saw my macbook, Jake's macbook pro, and his iphone sitting side by side and knew we were committed fully to macs. As if there was ever any doubt...

One program that comes with your mac is iphoto. I've used it for years but with this blogging stuff, have taken the photos to a whole new level. All these fancy bloggers I read talk about using photoshop and I got a little jealous. I'm not about to shell out the big beans for that though. Then I remembered something about little ole iphoto - the "adjust" button. After playing with a few things, here's a before and after:

This is a picture I took of All Saints Chapel on Sewanee's campus during Camp 2 of camp this summer. All Saints is a special place for many people. For me, it is where our camp evening prayer service is held and always is a great night to worship.

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