Tuesday, February 23, 2010

House Tour: Living Room, Revisited

When last I blogged about my new and improved living room (in this post from Dec 13), it was Christmas time and so our living room was indeed decorated but also included all of our Christmas decor. Since that joyous season has left us, I wanted to post a picture of the living room in its "almost done" stage sans Christmas clutter:

This is what it looks like now. I love having the love seat in the living room. I get a magazine and curl up on the loveseat and read all about my Hollywood friends while Jake blasts away at zombies on his Xbox in the den. Having two living spaces is so nice and was really the #2 thing we wanted in a house (#1 was two bathrooms). 

Also - if you scroll back up to the first picture, you'll notice that the large window has a new shade! We got bamboo shades off overstock.com for a steal. I really recommend overstock for shades because that window is an odd size and Home Depot didn't have any size to fit it, but when I searched on overstock they had all sorts of styles in that size. It was also cheaper than Home Depot would have been. We got two more for the set of windows on the other wall but Jake's poor hand was cut up and tired from one window so he's tackling the other tomorrow. It is funny how I didn't even realize how naked the window looked without the shade until I got it on there. 

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lauren @ gathering moss said...

so cute! and i feel you on the two living spaces and two bathrooms...we have neither of those luxuries in the house clifton bought several years ago, but they are topping the priority list for our next house that IIIII get to choose!


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