Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm that cat lady.

I'm a dog person at heart. I really am... but ever since we had to give our cats away when I was little (my dad was allergic), I have been wanting a cat. And I never expected to love this guy as much as I do. He really tries me - he'll be the sweetest thing one moment and then just turn and bite me and attack my arm with no warning. Yet when he comes and wants to snuggle as I type, my heart melts. I just love hearing him purr.

So, I'm wondering - if I post pictures of my cat, if I talk about my cat to people other than Jake, and if I emerge from the house daily with cat hair on my butt, am I that cat lady?

Maybe - but isn't he just precious?


lauren @ gathering moss said...

hahaha, you are not that cat lady unless you live alone with a bunch of them. pets are wonderful!

emwvaughan said...

These pictures of Tyson look great! It kinda reminds me of The Pioneer Lady, with her awesome pictures of her basset :-) Very cute, very professional.


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