Monday, February 8, 2010

Make this: Pizza Bites

Ever since Annie of Annie's Eats  posted these pizza bites, I've been wanting to make them. I had a similar idea in my head for the New Year's Eve party we hosted but we had so much other food that they got cut from the list. When Annie posted these, I knew I needed to make them. 

Here's the original recipe if you'd like specific instructions. I'm a sort of fly-by-my-pant's-seat (or however you say that phrase) type of gal when it comes to cooking so I have approximations and generalizations for this recipe.

Pizza dough of your choice
cheese cubed of your choice
olive oil (EVOO)
italian seasonings
parm grated

1) Take the pizza dough of your choice (we used pillsbury's canned as seen above but if you were really excited you could make your own) and lay it flat. cut squares that are about the size of bathroom tiles (3 by 3). 
2) stick a pepperoni, cheese cube (we used colby jack), and pepperoni on the square (stacked in that order). 
3) fold the pizza dough over the stack
4) stick pizza balls in a cake pan/pie pan seam side down
5) brush with EVOO, sprinkle seasonings and parm
6) cook at 400 for 20 minutes **ours cooked faster than that so watch until they are golden brown on top

Here they are in the oven - we had a little extra dough so Jake made a giant pizza bite for himself:)

These were a HUGE hit at the super bowl party we went to - they were gone pretty quickly and we should have made more. 

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