Saturday, February 27, 2010

Make this: Elise's Chicken Cutlets and Cheesy Pasta

My bff Elise made dinner for me once in college a long time ago. She said it was a simple dish her dad made sometimes and I immediately was hooked. Simple dish? Cheese? Red wine vinegar? You had me at hello. 

Jake and I make this dish every so often - it goes in the regular rotation. I hesitated to post it because it's so simple and some critics might be like "ugh get over yourself" but then I realized a) I don't have critics and b) if you don't like it, you can leave my site! Just kidding. Kind of.

So the pasta. I've adapted it some because I didn't remember exactly how to make it.

You need - 
- a few kinds of cheeses. the only one that is a must is marscapone, we used feta, romano, and parm (shredded)
- a red onion, roughly chopped
- red wine vinegar
- pasta (we use bowtie)

1) saute your onions in red wine vinegar until they are semi-transluscent
2) boil your pasta 
3) strain the pasta and put it back in the pot
4) add your cheeses, you'll need to stir the marscapone to get it to melt

We serve it with a breaded chicken cutlet (using egg, milk, and panko for the coating). It is one of my favorite simple meals.

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