Sunday, February 7, 2010


Currently, here's the front of our house....

My inspiration for changes to our house comes from a blog called Urban Nest. Our house sits in a neighborhood of bungalows and I'd like to let our little ranch fit in a little better. Obviously we can't change the structure, but if we could change the overall look a bit, it would be great. Here's my inspiration:

 What I'd like to do is listed on this idea board below:

 I'd like to:
1) Get a new front door and security door. The security door will be glass paneled and the front door wooden. Paint them both the same color (like the inspiration picture), preferably that Kiwi color. 

2) Replace our wrought iron columns with white wooden ones, with or without the handrail. I do like that the inspiration house's handrail stayed wrought iron. We could use that...

3) Put shutters on our window to the left - black shutters. 

4) Take out the boxwoods, which are too tall for our house and make it look shorter, and put in some small shrubbery

5) Tear down the vinyl siding on the porch. There is wood siding underneath. Paint it beige. 

6) Lounge in rocking chairs or something similar. Relax.

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