Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Make this: Prosciutto Wrapped Pickles

How could these ingredients above change your life? Well, if you're a pickle lover like me, you use them to make prosciutto wrapped pickles. I made these for our super bowl party as well. The recipe comes from Jake's neighbor who made them for our engagement party. I was definitely the guest of honor hovering over the food table eating pickles during my party. Wait, that was me at our reception too, except with fried pickles that time. My receiving line? The buffet. 

So these pickles - no action shots due to the fact that Jake took off with his phone (how dare him!) and I've been using that lately as my camera. Here's the final product:
A little messy, but it was my first time making them. I'll perfect the art of making them next time. In the mean time, they sure tasted good (even if it is tacky to say so about your own food). Here's the basic instructions:

Whole Pickles ( I used Claussen dills)
Cream cheese
Worcestershire sauce
Garlic Salt (I didn't have that and used onion salt and garlic powder)
Prosciutto slices

1) Make your cream cheese mixture - do it to taste. I did a small tub of cheese, a few squirts of sauce, and a few shakes of garlic/onion. Nothing exact...
2) Let the cream cheese mixture sit for a bit until it is room temp (easier to go on the pickles)
3) take your whole pickles, make sure they are dry (easier for the cream cheese to stick), and put the cream cheese on the pickles (a layer over the whole pickle)
4) Wrap the prosciutto over the pickle
5) Slice the pickle

We served on a football place since it was the super bowl. We got a lot of awesome presents from our wedding and one of our many favorites is our football serveware!!!



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