Friday, October 8, 2010

And I shall call him Squishie

A while back for my birthday I ordered myself a painting from Cari Humphrey's art collection. Her style called to me and I just had to have the goldfish painting I saw on her site. And so I got it - it was my birthday after all. 

It came in a few weeks ago and is now residing in the den, where the colors match perfectly with the bright, bold look we've got going on in here. 

I put him next to the shelves above the TV - which I recently painted black. Oh and did you notice my super cute wooden birds I scored from Home Goods on my trip to Knoxville? On clearance for 1.99$ a pop. In fact, I don't know that I've shown these shelves since I painted the frames. I think the last showing on the blog had them looking like this....

*Yes, I realize one of the pictures is missing from my blue frames - there was an incident with stepping on the frames by a dog during the painting of the frames process...

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