Sunday, October 17, 2010

Purging and organizing.

One great thing about our house is the storage space. We've got two double closets (one in the office and one in the guest room), as well as a regular closet in our bedroom. For a midtown house, that is a fair amount of storage.

One issue, though, is that I have so many clothes that I haven't entirely unpacked my clothes. I still had one big box of clothes from the move, as well as three tubs of clothes still not unpacked from camp (!) and one suitcase from our summer trip left unpacked. The middle room (guest room) was getting to the point where I could not walk so Saturday I spent 5 hours folding/putting away clothes, mostly organizing. Saturday night I was left with this:

 Nothing on the floor (miraculous if you ask me), with piles by category on the bed. We haven't done anything really with this room - still white walls, no decor. In fact, it is the last untouched room in the house. A bit of a challenge lies ahead... Once those clothes are put away. 

So my first pile to tackle was the "cardigan" pile. I started hanging them in the armoire. I tried to color categorize. When I was finally done, I counted how many cardigans I have. As I announced on facebook, I have over 50 cardigans. Now, I wear cardigans to work often so this isn't too much of a shock but I didn't realize I have over 50!
 Now I must finish putting away clothes and do the massive piles of laundry that resulted from unpacking my summer travels... Hi, my name is Kathryn and I own 50 cardigans.

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emwvaughan said...

If it makes you feel any better about your unpacked clothes from camp--during the move, I discovered a suitcase from my trip to the beach (over a month ago) that I still need to unpack....My name is Beth, and I'm a super procrastinator.


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