Monday, October 4, 2010

Callin' Baton Rouge

This past weekend we made the trip down to Baton Rouge to see Jake's brother play football. Team Jasper was in full force, with the entire immediate family in attendance plus two honorary family members. It was an eventful weekend, between the 2 hour traffic jam, tailgating starting at 9AM, the confusing and crazy way the game ended, and the family party after the game. Overall, what a great trip. I'm still feeling conflicted about the ending (as a Vol fan but an LSU sympathizer due to Josh), but what an experience to be in the stadium for that!

A few pics from the weekend..

At the tailgate:

Josh at the Tiger Walk:
 LSU's beautiful campus:
 Death Valley:
 Josh warming up:
 Hellos before the game:

 The band at gametime:
 Josh's second field goal attempt (GOOD!):

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