Monday, October 25, 2010

Kitchen Progress.

Well, as I mentioned in my recent post, we ordered our cabinets this weekend. Yes, in fact work is being done on our kitchen. The cabinets take 5-7 weeks to ship/deliver so we've got a bit to wait but there are some signs of progress, small as they may be:

- Cabinet pulls ordered (off a website, where I found them for 2$+ cheaper than Lowes/Home Depot)

- Light fixture for above the sink procured (From Lowe's, and it looks like the top is bronze in the picture but in real life it is actually a black/dark brown), as well as the faucet (which is matte black):
- Also, our contractor/handy man/whatever you call it started exploring what was inside the drop down thing-ees in our kitchen to make sure we could take them out and there isn't anything in them so we're a go there:

 - We had our electrician come and re-wire the entire panel and take the random panel that was in our kitchen out, leaving us with a very exciting hole in the kitchen:

 I'm very ready to begin. I may regret saying this, as living without a kitchen will be interesting, but I have just been waiting for a while...

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