Thursday, October 21, 2010


Its been a while since I posted about the kitchen reno so I thought I'd add this in - this time tomorrow, our cabinets will be ordered! There is a 5-7 week wait so it will be a while before things get underway but I'm very excited. 

Here's the picture from their website:

I am especially excited because ours will have glass doors on the ones on either side of the window!!

We had wanted to paint ours but by the time we paid someone to paint them (spray them so they didn't look amateur), for a bit more we could have new cabinets and get something that was updated and bigger. We're going to hang them from the ceilings instead of having a "furdown" (is that what those are called)?

Hope that satisfied your kitchen renovation craving... I should have more news soon. 

Oh and thanks, Mom, for trucking out to Olive Branch to find these with me!

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