Sunday, October 10, 2010

I (hesitantly) love MLGW!

So a while back, we applied for an energy efficiency grant through our utility company, MLGW. We had to call in and get put on the list. The first people that called got an application - we got put on a wait list but luckily got an application a month later. We qualified based on income (since Jake is a student... we have no money...) and this woman came out and inspected the house to see what kind of energy improvements they could give us. We also had to go to a class on energy efficiency. This was all in July.

Well, the other day a guy at MLGW called to come over on Friday. He came with a heating/cooling guy and it turns out that they are going to be installing a new heat/air system. So no more this...
 (taken when the AC went out this summer and we had to get it fixed)

We will be getting a new unit (whatever that thing above is called) and compressor, plus new attic insulation. I (tentatively) love MLGW! And the government (!!). This should all go down next week so we'll see how it goes. 

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