Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm loving..

A friend of ours is looking for a retro red-boomerang formica topped table/chair set and so I've been really feeling the retro look lately. So, this installment of "I'm loving.." brings this picture of a retro kitchen from Country Living:
 I love the red stove, the aqua/red combo, the little touches around the counter, the farm sink, the display above the cabinets, I love it all. 

PS - why can't my kitchen have that much light in it?

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Hilary Dow Ward said...

Light is such a tricky thing. Be careful what you ask for! Our house has 38 windows in it and a I am on a war path to close some of that light out! For example, our master bedroom has NINE, yes 9 windows in it. That's ridiculous! One of the guest bedrooms has 5 windows in it! Geez Louise! A girl's got to have a nap now and then. Also...Remember to much light can = way to much heat! :)


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