Saturday, October 9, 2010

A little piece of inspiration.

I think my style must be "modern country" if there was such a thing. Traditional country makes me cringe but the sight of banged up old antiques in the farmhouse style mixed with bright, fresh colors and a few modern pieces makes me smile. 

I found these handtowels at Targ the other day and decided they will serve as an inspiration piece for my kitchen:
I really want to get one of these to go above my new(old) sideboard/buffet thing that was my bday present:
 I think the towels would be cute hanging from the knobs above the side board - not to use, just for decor! Wouldn't my (newly acquired from mother via hand-me-downs) fiesta ware look super cute displayed there?

 I've also been pondering knobs for the sideboard - it is from an estate sale and is a bit beat up, especially one of the knobs. I could paint the existing knobs black again to fit in with the stain it has... or maybe use these fun knobs from Home Goods that I have (seen in the picture at the top). 

As you can see from this picture I posted when we got it, it is really neat but a bit beat up from age:
If you look at the sides, you can see the detail of the gold - I don't want to repaint it because 1) I like the gold detail (it is on the drawers too) and 2) I like the country chic look of the beat-up-ness but on the top it is a bit much (see first picture). How to clean up the top while not messing up its vibe? Hmm..

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