Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th o' July.

The Fourth weekend was a little subdued around here. I was (and still am) battling some sort of cold/sinus junk (by the way - after camp every year my immune system just gives up!) and not feeling all that grand. Our 4th activity included a little shopping (2 and 1/2 bathing suits at Old Navy for less than $10/piece of swimsuit, what what) and then napping, and finally, a little grilling. Because isn't grilling so American? Isn't that what the 4th is all about? 

By the way, I just have to remind everyone. We didn't actually GET independence on the 4th. We declared it. It took a long time after that to get it. But I digress.

We did the stereotypical hamburgers, mac and cheese, and broccoli (can't get enough veggies since camp) so I did not snap pictures, lest I force you to view sub-par pictures of something you, too, can make. BUT I did snap pictures of my dogs being incredibly cute. 

Commence cuteness:
 The guys are guarding the grill as Jake grills.
Ezra and Sebastian have a chat about life. 

In finding excuses to celebrate,
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