Thursday, July 21, 2011

Treasure Hunting - Antique Warehouse on Summer Avenue.

I love a good antique mall. It can't be too pretentious or too pricey, and the junkier the better. My favorite (until this summer) was Bojo's on Summer. It was a 2-story dreamland of antique furniture and knick knacks. Since then, I've been looking for a replacement favorite. Sheffield's in Collierville is awesome but sometimes too well-known (picked over) and someones too "painted furniture"-y (not that I don't love a good piece of painted furniture but there is a thing as too much). I also love Gary's on Central but it is small - you can usually find good stuff there but you have to check back a lot. 

So on Wednesday, my brother and I decided to check out his favorite antique mall, Summer Avenue's Antique Warehouse. And it didn't disappoint. Here are some things I lusted after or thought were particularly interesting:

I LOVED these vintage canisters, for $48 for the set of four (hint, hint, Mom). 
 This vintage apron was really sweet -
 I love this pair of tables, two sizes, that have spool legs -
 Then I came across this hidden gem - this table was buried under all sorts of other stuff. It was labeled "primitive enamel" table for $75 - I asked if he would take $50 and he said SOLD!
 My brother Ez is really into mid-century modern and was drooling over this chair - apparently it is a replica of a famous design -
 I loved this sweet vanity - it had two levels and was turquoise enamel with an attached mirror with vanity lights.
 Sometimes I wish I could be adventurous and buy a Brady-Bunch style crazy 60's-70s house and just go totally retro with it.. If so, I'd love to have this entertainment/office piece:
The same area of the store had a lot of really cool retro stuff, including these juice glasses-
 Now here's another birthday idea, Mom! I loved this milk glass stand. It would add to my milk glass collection.
 Ez found this awesome liquor cabinet type globe. Totally man-cave worthy:
 I loved this glass and black cabinet. I could see it holding my ridiculous Pyrex collection one day:
 This was also a good find on a cabinet - could use it in a bedroom with some baskets and knick-knacks?
 I loved this - a juice pitcher, I think.
 Check out all this fiestaware! I love love fiesta ware and have some reproduction version myself, handed down from the parental units.
 This owl made me laugh - he's a napkin holder and I thought he was just too quirky.
 Lots of good Pyrex - I liked the blue piece. Didn't see any of my turquoise set though:/
 How awesome are these table and chairs? For the right house, so cool -
 So exciting - chicken bowls like my mom's. Love these.
 I thought this jar was awesome and apparently they did too, as it was priced $125? It is a "Gordan's Snack Jar", authentic, whatever that means.

We finally snaked our way around to the counter, where I paid for my table. Here it is waiting to be picked up - 
 But wait, we weren't done - we found out they had an OUTSIDE area. Genius!

LOVE this desk - can totally see it in a bedroom in a small space, with a laptop in that middle section.
 Also, another fun find - this table was $100. It isn't in too great shape (the two pieces don't seem to meet perfectly), but if you can get past that small fact, you've got a ridiculously awesome metal retro yellow table. How hip.
 And just when I thought we were done, Ez made more picks - he wants this lamp for his house at college (cough:cough - MOM)
 And he wants this table for behind the sofa - this long table is painted brown (so not the best quality) but is the right size and length and is $35!
We walked away with our treasures - I with my table and Ez with his record, clock, and globe he picked up along the way. We were richer for the time we had spent there - lots of ideas, laughs, and conversation in addition to our treasures bought. 

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