Monday, July 18, 2011

A Beach Trip.

We spent the last week at the beach - it was great. Relaxing, beautiful, carefree. We stayed at the Navarre Beach Regency at Navarre Beach in Florida (about 30 minutes outside Destin). 
 Longest pier on the gulf.
 Our condo was on the first floor so you just walked out of the condo building and straight down the walk to the beach - so convenient.
 The sand was silky white. We spent lots of time sitting under our umbrella and going out in the waves.
 The water was clear (I know why they call it the Emerald Coast!) and had gentle, fun waves. We had a bout of algae/seaweed stuff at the beginning of the week but it cleared up and the water was beautiful.

The vacation also had another perk! Beth and Brad drove down from Atlanta to spend a few days in the sun with us. We spent a lot of time floating, boogey boarding, and reading - she finished Something Borrowed and gave it to me (which I read in a day - it was a great beach read). 

On our second day there we showered and went back down to the beach after a day out in the sun. We sat around enjoying the quiet:

 And funny story - as we were doing the photo ops, I told Beth and Brad to get together for a picture. I snapped this as they were assembling and it was just too funny not to share. Beth went in for the kiss/snuggle and this was Brad's reaction:
 But then they made nice and good a good shot:
 And, of course, any beach trip would not be complete without a trip to the outlets. We hit up Silver Sands in Destin (with the rest of the world, as it was rainy that day). Jake got some tennies from Saucony, I got a skirt at the Gap and some Nike Tempos at the Nike Outlet. Beth and I also visited a little slice of heaven known as the Le Creuset outlet. It was beautiful. I wanted it all. But alas, I've found that money doesn't grow on trees, you know.
 After an appropriate amount of drooling, we had to decide where to eat. We ended up at AJ's, a great seafood place right on the water in Destin. We took a pager and settled in at the bar for our 75 minute wait when we saw that they had a small menu at the bar. We actually liked the view better than inside anyway and so we returned the pager and ordered off the bar menu. Get this - I got fried calamari. Now, I don't eat seafood but I liked it. I'm trying here! Here are the Vaughans, enjoying a authentic Destin meal:

 After they left (to go celebrate Beth's birthday, go back to work, then move in to a new house!), the beach pretty much consisted of me being incredibly lazy, reading a lot, and wading in the water. All in all, a successful vacation. 

Can we go back now please?
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Hilary Dow Ward said...

Kitty, yay for the beach! Where's the photos with Barney and Jan? I thought you all went together!
Glad it was a super awesome time. We're off to the big D(estin) in a week or so. I'm so pumped.


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