Saturday, July 23, 2011

Yellow and White Floor Love.

So apparently I am trendy without realizing it. When I fell in love with the idea of doing a checkerboard floor at a diagonal, it wasn't for colored floor - it was for two-toned cork. When I found out Memphis has such high humidity that the glue won't stick, I was a bit devastated before my mom suggested "marmoleum" or what is called a vinyl composite material. As soon as we visited our local flooring store (Kiser) and looking at the Armstrong samples, I fell in love with the idea of yellow and white floors immediately. The yellow we selected is the same color as our living/dining area so it ties the house together and the rest of our kitchen is cream/white/black so it provides some color:

 Well, today when I was browsing Southern Living online, look what I found - their featured kitchen renovation, "Farm Fresh Kitchen Remodel,"  had yellow and white checkered floors as well - 
 Granted theirs were a paler yellow and painted on pine, but it was the same idea and so I had to feel just a tinge of affirmation in my decision to go with my floor choice.


Kate said...

I think it's awesome! Very fun!

Jon said...

Can you tell me exactly which colors you used in your kitchen floor?

Unknown said...

Hi Jon, sorry it took so long... didn't have the color names until now (long story). They are Armstrong's Golden and Cool White. The line is called Excelon.


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