Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exterior Dreams: Update.

I've blogged quite a bit about our dreams for the exterior of our house (here). In March, I posted a picture onto facebook as I sat on our porch and wasted the afternoon away in the interwebs:
 Everyone else on our street had grass starting to come in and all we had were weeds springing up. In addition, our back yard just looked pathetic. Here's a pic from last summer:
 So, with a recommendation from Martha via fb, we called Best Lawn Memphis. They have done two treatments so far and we're already seeing GREAT results. No more nasty weeds, and the grass is filling in nicely. Here's the same shot as before of the lawn:
And here's the same shot (sans dog) of the backyard:
Now we're not going to win yard of the month or anything but we're getting there. And the bushes that we planted in the spring? Haven't killed them yet:
In fact, I dare say they are growing. So here's where we stand as of now - new bushes, better lawn, but no posts/new door:
We'll get to the posts in due time, I'm sure. Until then, I'll be paranoidly worrying that the posts will ruin the look of our house (but isn't anything better than wrought iron?).

In weeding and watering,
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ps - if anyone decides to use Best Lawn, I'd LOVE it if you put as down as a referral:)


Martha said...

The grass is looking so great! It's amazing what a little help from best lawn does. Our backyard is filling in nicely too!

Comeca Jones said...

Looks great makes the front of your house look so much nicer.


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